Whatever your challenges, we’ll give your Sporting teams the skills and confidence to tackle them. We work with a number  of organisations to design and deliver in-house learning and development solutions for your teams and personnel.

Why Mastermind Academy?

As the professional  development and training leaders with more than 25 years experience. We know what great Progress looks like, and what Sports professionals need to know, do and deliver to succeed. 

What’s more, we really do understand how training works and we are experts in designing and delivering programmes that provide the tools and motivation to make change happen.


Develop the best teams

Mastermind Academy UK Ltd  is dedicated to assisting and supporting organisations across the football and sports sectors to professionalise their greater power and influence.



 All Mastermind Academy Training programmes can be delivered in-house for groups of people in your organisation. 

We work with organisations to design and deliver in-house learning and development solutions.


Maximum return on your investment

Mastermind Academy UK ltd in-house training, learning and development solutions are a highly flexible, efficient, cost and time effective way to get the maximum return on your training and development investment.

Since programmes are held at your premises (or at a venue of your choice), your people don’t incur the expense and loss of time associated with travelling further afield. 


Delivering training in a way that suits you

Our learning and development programmes can be delivered in a variety of formats, for example, lunch and learn, master-classes, Authentic learning, seminars, whatever works best for you and your organisation.


Programmes tailored to your requirements

  • Authentic lives workshops- Helping lives to prosper, igniting dreams and transforming lives.
  • Bespoke in-house training solutions - we work with you to assess your Professional and personal objectives and develop an in-house training and development programme from scratch to help you to achieve them.
  • Tailored in-house training programmes - where we adapt course length, content and emphasis of existing courses and programmes to suit your particular objectives and requirements.
  • Standard courses and qualifications - from our list of publicly run programmes, delivered in-house, where content and format is based on the current programme.

Fitting the training to your needs

Mastermind Academy in-house training offers:

  • relevance - we incorporate case studies and learning methods that are immediately relevant to your people. This means that they can put their learning into practice straight away and make an impact immediately.
  • convenience and minimal disruption - learning is scheduled to fit with your business’ day to day activities, and, because it is held at your premises (or premises of your choice), your people do not incur the expense and loss of time from travelling further afield.
  • cost-effectiveness - you pay per event, rather than per person, giving you a much larger return on your investment.
  • time-effectiveness - you don’t need to design a course, train a trainer, worry about the administration and logistics – we do all the work for you. 
  • flexibility - we deliver learning in a variety of different formats to suit your particular requirements.

Price and availability

Because every solution is unique, we are unable to tell you on this web page how much your solution will cost. For more information on pricing and availability, please contact us.