Des Morant

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Des left school and started his working life  as an apprentice artificial limb maker. He saw the positive attitudes that were displayed by some of the amputees which had a positive impact on his life. The question he asked was who is more DISABLED the amputees or people who were able bodied? He came to the understanding that everything is down to your state of mind and how you think. You can either look at things as a positive or a negative either way you are right. His mind had now been exposed to a better way of thinking.


As a result of this new found hunger for self improvement Des entered an exciting world of possibilities. He attended seminars, read books like the Magic of thinking big, listened to audios by some of the top people in the industry and started the process of reprogramming his mind. He done this by mentally hitting the delete button on some of the old limiting thoughts and beliefs that he had been exposed to during his life. He was transformed from a shy quiet young man into a man who is now able to coach business men and women both young and mature, coach and mentor young aspiring footballers and people who want to generally achieve their life goals. He can deliver thought provoking training classes. He can speak to large and small crowds of people with passion, humour and confidence using his engaging style on a variety of subjects to bring about effective change in their lives. 


He was able to use the skills that he had learnt to manage in youth football at the semi professional level. In his first season helping his team to win a major trophy against all the odds.That team then went onto form the spine of a combined team who went onto win multiple leagues and trophies. What he learnt as a succesful football manager formed the foundation of the book titled "The ultimate professional footballer" that he co wrote with his busiiness partner Jeff Simpson.  


Des has a passion to work with people, to help to inspire positive change and be effective in their their lives. He has been given the challenge to "IGNITE DESTINIES" and wont stop until he has left behind a legacy for others to follow. 



Jeff Simpson


As the one of the Directors of Mastermind Academy U.K Ltd, Jeff Simpson is both diligent and committed to the profession of Coaching and Mentoring. He became a founding partner of Mastermind Academy UK Ltd in 2008 with Des Morant after a Personal and professional relationship which   spans over 30 years history.


Jeff has over 25 years of experience specialising in Training, Coaching and Mentoring in major Corporate organisations in various areas of business e.g. Education, welfare and human rights.


Prior to being a Director of  Mastermind Academy UK Ltd, Jeff was driven by his dreams and success, which then led him on to a position as a Business Development Consultant, which he did for 15 years, working with large companies Counselling Chief Executive Officers and helping them to build their businesses. He was also involved in promoting a wide variety of book titles in the Personal development section.


Aside from being involved in training and the development of assisting people build their lives Jeff and his business partner became published Authors of a Self help book for the empowerment of sports personal called " The Ultimate Professional Footballer" which is being sold on Amazon, which outlays a 8 Step Program which deals with subject matters such as the "Importance of a hand shake" etc ......... focused  at young footballers at the Academy stage of their career. 


Jeff  was born and raised in the South of London. He obtained a PCSC ( Preliminary Certificate in Social Care) at College and  an A' Level in Psychology.


Jeff today is very focused on "Inspiring Hero's" to achieve their goals in their chosen careers, assisting them on becoming well adjusted, well rounded individuals with an additional training course helping them to secure Authentic lives.