Mastermind Academy are working with a youth project called Energise helping to change the mindset of our youth in a south London community in Thornton heath.

Energise was founded over 3 years ago and Mastermind Academy have been working with them since its inception.

Our goal is to raise up a new breed of youth. To empower them not only for football but for life as well so that they are well rounded individuals and valued members in our communities.

About The team:

Energize FC was initiated in November 2009 by Coach Fabian Baynes. This was Fabian's response to the mandate of reaching out to display and demonstrate God's love and power to the community. The club started with a few regulars and have since grown and attended various tournaments.

In April 2012, the team won the Under 11s, Under 13s and Under 15s tournaments at the Urban Saint's Six A Side annual Football Tournament.

Football is like a language spoken by various nations of the world. Everyone understands it, irrespective of their nation, tribe or language. It enables young people to channel their energies into a positive activity and furthermore, develops their social and other inter personal skills. We provide trainings and support in these area

The mission of the club is to display and demonstrate the LOVE & POWER of God through Football, to young people and their families.