Mastermind Academy aims to make a complete change in our students thought process, their actions and how they portray themselves. If you think right then you will always do whats right regardless of the situation. We will transform the way that you think so that your mind will be renewed from all of those limiting thoughts that you probably didnt realise that you have picked up during your life.

Our sessions are designed to work in any arena even though our main focus is in the sporting arena, predominately with young professional footballers. They are interactive and always keep the student connected to the core subject area. We like to keep our students on their toes and not be flat footed when faced with situations that are outside of their comfort zones. Footballers can get an outstanding contract that pays them handsomely but who trains them on how to become the "ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL" in the game. We do this by exposing them to our 8 Step programme which is flexible enough to be tailored to suit your needs. It effectively tackles all of the areas that our young professionals will encounter from the beginning to the end of their careers. Once they have completed the steps they will be confident enough to be able to demonstrate what they have learnt with immediate effect.

Programme 1 - GOALS

Takes you on a step by step process of how to create goals that will take you to the next level. Goals speak for themselves without one you will wonder around aimlessly.


Shows you how to make a lasting impact when meeting someone for the first time. More importantly why we should always create the correct first impression. We do this by teaching our students simple but effective ways eliminate and overcome initial fear and sometimes awkwardness which can occur when meeting people.

Programme 3 - BODY LANGUAGE

80% of communication is done using body language. If a player is on the pitch and their attitude is down they can express that through their body language whether good or bad. This in turn can have either a positive or negative effect on the teams performance and results.


There's nothing worse than an unorganised person. This happens as a result of having an unorganised mind. If you walk into a room and see clutter and mess then how do you think that person is thinking?  What can be the adverse effects of not  being organised?


With social media and forms of non verbal communication taking its root in society now what happens when people meet face to face? How can we effectively communicate with each other? We have the answers that you are looking for.


Mindset is the key. We walk our students through a step by step approach on how to use their minds to get the results that they are looking for on and of the pitch. The mind is a powerful tool if used correctly. We train our students how to gain that extra 10% that all successful athletes use.

Programme 7 - FINANCES

Imagine that you were taught how to handle money from a young age. Instead we were taught things like algebra and how to workout the circumference of a circle. How practical are these for use in our day to day life? How many times have you used an algebraic formula to make a purchase? Well the answer speaks for itself. We teach our students with the help of our financial services partner the basics on how to manage money successfully to achieve your financial goals. 


Two of the most important things to do when we achieve a level of success is to stay humble and remain grounded. Success can  have a detrimental affect to an individual if they do not know how to handle themselves. Discovering your core values will help to determine how you handle success. We are working with our partner ANDREW CHUA who's authentic lives programme has helped thousands of people around the world to discover not only who they are but help them to understand why they act the way that they do.